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Study and Magic

  The general attitude among students towards learning is an attitude of dread. Lectures are usually boring and so are many of the textbooks. Very few students actively want to learn. Given the choice, most of them will prefer spending all their time playing games or watching TV instead of doing their homeworks. It’s not completely their fault though. Most lectures, textbooks and homeworks are, in fact, just too boring! On the other hand, Hogwarts---the magic school from the Harry Potter novels---seems to excite the kids a lot. If asked to redesign their school so that it becomes more enjoyable, they might just make it more like Hogwarts. This is also quite understandable. Hogwarts is a  magic  school, for god’s sake! They teach you to do  magic  in there! If you learn a course properly, you can show off your skills by turning your friend into a rat! The skills you learn at a magic school are immediately applicable to your daily life---the things you really care about. Stuck in traffic
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Be in Good Company - Life Lessons from My Parents Applied in School Mathematics

  Be in Good Company This article is based on some of the advises given by my father during my school days. The motivation to write this came while seeing a 50 years old photo captured in his camera. Due to privacy reason, I have modified that photo using AI and shared it here. Happy faces in that photo seem to be in good company and enjoying their moments. It can be felt that the kind of positive energy it generates can make challenging tasks look easy.     When it comes to study, being in good company doesn't mean about school, teachers and friends only, but it also includes books, other learning resources and the questions that one practices. You may not have much choices while selecting school, teachers or friends but selection of books, other learning resources and questions for practice are completely in your control. A good company makes study enjoying, helps in setting and achieving right goals, facilitates deep and long lasting learning and leads to a satisfying life.    A

Life Lesson from My Parents Applied in School Mathematics -- Try to Cover Some Extra Miles

  Try to Cover Some Extra Miles. This photo is of my mother leading us to the top of Brahmagiri mountain when she was around 70 years old. We had been to Trambakeshwar  to visit the Lord Shiva temple, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. We did all the expected things like darshan-puja in the temple, taking bath in Kushavart, trekking  to the Ganga Dwar etc. Our visit to Trambakeshwar  could have been considered complete.  But  we came to know that the originating point of Godavari River  is on the top of other side of Brahmagiri mountain. People normally visit Ganga Dwar as originating point of Godavari River  which is on the city side of Brahmagiri mountain. Trekking  to the top of the mountain and going on the other side to visit the actual originating point is tough, so visiting city side Ganga Dwar is considered to be equivalent to visiting the origin of Godavari River . My mother decided to do that extra mile and visit the other side of the mountain.  It was physically too ti

Get Better Salary and Job by Doing This

If you are pursuing MBA, PGDM, MCA, Engineering or similar professional courses and aiming for a good job for you, following dos will significantly help you in getting better job and salary than others. These can be done from anywhere at any time.  1. Visit few job-related web sites and spend some time identifying some of the most sought-after skills in jobs or employers of your interest. We have done it for you but better you do it. Some of the skills that are in high demand in almost every field are: Project Management, Analytical Skills (may include analytics tools or coding languages), Optimization, AI and Machine Learning, Risk Management, Digital Marketing etc.  2. Choose one or two skills aligned to your interest. Check few online courses which offers Certificate of Completion. Go through their contents and select such courses that you can do at your level within available time. Enroll in such courses and complete them. You can find some beginner's level professional courses

When Should I Start Preparing for an Examination?

  Every student has some goal like becoming an Engineer, Doctor, CA, IAS, Designer, Lawer, etc. The list can be quite big. For any of these, one has to take some competitive examination either for admission in some course or to qualify for job or for both. At some point in school education, one starts planning to take the required examination at later stage to pursue his goal. If someone wants to become an Engineer, he starts thinking about IIT or engineering admission tests. Similar options are available for other goals as well. Lots of effort go into finding answers to questions like where to prepare, when to prepare, how to prepare etc. Also, the focus remains on getting good marks in the school examinations while rest of the things related to learning wait for the time to come. For example, if a student studying in Grade 8 is learning "Ratio", he will learn definitions of related terms, formulas etc., solve many questions depending on the examination pattern and may try t