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Life Lesson from My Parents Applied in School Mathematics -- Try to Cover Some Extra Miles

  Try to Cover Some Extra Miles. This photo is of my mother leading us to the top of Brahmagiri mountain when she was around 70 years old. We had been to Trambakeshwar  to visit the Lord Shiva temple, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. We did all the expected things like darshan-puja in the temple, taking bath in Kushavart, trekking  to the Ganga Dwar etc. Our visit to Trambakeshwar  could have been considered complete.  But  we came to know that the originating point of Godavari River  is on the top of other side of Brahmagiri mountain. People normally visit Ganga Dwar as originating point of Godavari River  which is on the city side of Brahmagiri mountain. Trekking  to the top of the mountain and going on the other side to visit the actual originating point is tough, so visiting city side Ganga Dwar is considered to be equivalent to visiting the origin of Godavari River . My mother decided to do that extra mile and visit the other side of the mountain.  It was physically too ti