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Steer Away from Crisis

 I was attending my ill friend in a hospital when a patient with cardiac emergency was brought there. People with him were quite anxious and were pleading with the staff to do anything to save the person. Next two hours were very crucial for him. Luckily, the efforts of the medical team worked well and the person survived. 

I got chance to hear to the Doctor explaining few points  to the relatives of this patient. Most of the emergency situations which make next few hours very crucial for survival don't develop quickly but get build over years of carelessness and unhealthy lifestyle. One can be easily steered away from such emergencies with timely intervention and modification in the way of living. 

In education too, I noticed similar situations while teaching Mathematical Subjects to students of professional courses and those preparing for competitive examinations. The blockage that holds a person from understanding simple mathematical things deeply and restricts the ability to use them advantageously in life doesn't build at advance level. It starts at a very early stage, around Class VI in School level mathematics. Wrong learning styles in mathematical subjects at this level create crisis at the time of competitive examinations or in advanced professional courses. Sometimes, it is quite painful and limits the progress badly. There is no unavoidable reason for such blockage to build. 

The situation is quite tricky because the evaluation system has different methods to make poor performance look somewhat attractive. Students might be scoring 95% or more, but they are seen clueless in good conceptual questions. This gets exposed when they prepare for competitive examinations at later stage and then it becomes too difficult to handle that.

I have done detailed analysis of various blockages while teaching Mathematics at advanced level and have identified the starting points of such critical blockages. It is easy to address them in the beginning before they become serious. I have prepared small videos covering the entire Mathematics syllabus for Class X, Class IX and Class VIII to make the foundation strong for the students. Different boards may have few topics extra, but they too are being developed and included in our courses.

I invite you to watch free preview videos by selecting your Class on this site and make a smart decision. It is safe and can change the way you learn Mathematics.