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Getting the Desirable by Developing Merit -- A Winning Habit in Study


There are different ways of getting what you want. One way is obviously by developing merit to such a level that you deserve what you want and then get it. Another way is in which someone else gifts it to you. And yet another set of ways may be in which the desired object is obtained by using unfair means.

In the beginning, it may look as if the ways other than developing merit are easier. It may look very nice if someone gifts you something that you need very much. Or by using unfair means and by taking help in unfair way from others you may obtain the desirable in somewhat easy way. But if you don’t have the required merit to get that you will feel uncomfortable holding that for long. You cannot target to develop yourself like that. And once again it’s matter of making one’s habit. If you develop the tendency of getting what you desire in easy way without deserving that, then you will get it once or twice. In the long run you will be the looser because of a wrong personality development. Moreover, these means are not in your control. You cannot be comfortable in such situation when you are waiting for most of the time for things to happen. You cannot enjoy something which you get but you don’t deserve. Remember that prime objective in life is not merely getting what you desire but it is to get it in deserving way and to enjoy it.

So, developing merit turns out to be the easiest and best way to get it. The biggest advantage of this is that you are the doer and the activities are in your control. True, there may be some phases in which things may look tough. But here too, the kind of activities which you will have to do is mostly positive, healthy activities. You may be required to put some extra effort, or you may have to extend your study hours, but this should not be a problem. After all, you will be studying the subjects which you enjoy.

Resources here help you in developing merit at an early stage and thus build a strong foundation for success in enjoying way.