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Don't Leave Temperament Control Issues Unattended

 This post discusses about temperament control issues during preparation for IIT entrance but it holds true at earlier level as well. So, consider this as something related to habit which affects different aspects of life.

The single reason that contributes most in failure to qualify for IIT for good students is poor temperament management. Some of the situations described here may look familiar to you. You make too many unintentional errors. You are suggested to be careful. You prepare hard but forget important points at crucial moments. You know things well but are too slow in applying them; perhaps you are not sure whether you are applying right or not. You get hold on the issue and suddenly lose concentration. Mind becomes either blank or starts wandering.Sometimes you feel confident—JEE is well within your reach. Sometimes you feel just the opposite. Everyone else seems to have prepared better than you. You keep changing your strategy with every suggestion you receive from different sources.The number of brilliant students sitting for IIT entrance is several times more than the number of students who qualify. What do you think is the differentiating factor? A person who ranks 2,000 might have a similar understanding of the subject matter as a person who ranks 10,000 or even 50000. One of the main differentiating factors is temperament management.Mostly, temperament related issues go unnoticed and you keep suffering due to that. Hence there is a need to put conscious effort in identifying these issues. The good thing is that there are simple solutions to handle these issues. We all know them. We just need to practice.It is very important that you own your preparation and be in control. For that you must have your own plan. You may take help where ever needed. But it is very difficult to manage temperament and feel comfortable if somebody else is on the controlling seat of your preparation.You also need to feel happy as a unit to be able to perform as per your potential. There are activities that help, for example, practicing meditation, yoga, outdoor physical activities, good eating and sleeping habits, prayer and listening to music. Even doing some social service and helping others can be helpful in making you happier and thus improving chances of success at IIT entrance in an enjoyable way. Preparing for IIT doesn’t mean you have to study all the time. There is no point in spending so much of time studying if you are not able to reap the benefit of it anyway.If you study right, your potential to score in a concept-based exam improves. But, to score as per your potential you need to manage your temperament right. A large number of students do the first part right but ignore the temperament front. Don’t leave these issues unattended.