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Questions that Challenge You Also Help You


Mathematics is all about understanding concepts, practicing them on regular basis and relating them with real life incidences. As you practice various questions from your textbook or from any other resources, you come across questions with varied challenges. Your best friends are those problems which you are not able to solve easily.

 If you solve a problem on your own in the first attempt, it’s good. It adds to your confidence and validates that whatever you know works in solving such problems. In the beginning you may need this. If you can solve all the problems without much difficulty, then you are just validating your knowledge. These problems are not helping you to expand your understanding of the concepts. You must look for other sources of questions because your brain is not getting challenged enough.

A conceptual and non-tricky problem, which doesn’t get solved by you easily, helps you in many ways. As you try solving such problems in different ways, you develop better understanding of the problem and theories associated. You get armed with new weapons each time you attack a problem differently. So, such questions which challenge you actually help build merit in you. Don’t rush for help if you are not able to solve a problem. Seek help only when new approaches stop coming in your mind. If you get a solution from external sources, you learn only one method. But if you try in different ways and solve the problem on your own, you get deeper understanding of the subject and a big increase in your confidence level. With a bit of practice, you will start enjoying such questions. These questions can even work as stress buster for you.

 Be careful in selecting the source because non-conceptual and trick-based questions can cause unrepairable damage. There are few low scoring examinations which can test the upper limit of best of the students. Questions asked in such examinations involve multiple concepts and test your ability to apply the concepts. Wrong learning strategy at school level make these questions difficult to solve. There are several businesses that claim to help you in preparation and may make you practice on difficult questions that are made difficult by making them trick-based. If you are not told the trick, you cannot solve that question. These tricks have nothing to do with concepts. So, such resources can make study extremely stressful.

 Remember that developing merit is the only way available to you to have long lasting success that you can enjoy. Good conceptual questions that tease you in several ways are the best friend in this journey. They not only make you learn the concepts well, but they also make the learning enjoyable.