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Few Learning Tips from Nature

 Watch the video below:

Ducks enjoying their work in sync with nature. It shows that nature has given us all that we need.

Now, watch the below video. Some abundance created by people throwing food in water, and the peace is lost. Yes, there were few ducks who chose not to lose their peace and remained focused on their work, but rest of them were confused and tried to take all that they could take. 

We can relate it with many similar situations involving human beings around us. But let us be on learning strategy.

Ducks in the first video know their requirements. They chose to be at such place where they get what they need. They are enjoying their work and doing good. As a student, one needs to understand oneself. He should try to understand what is required to get what he needs. He should choose the right place and right strategy to get them. In such situations, learning will be mostly enjoying, stress free and full of excitements. 

Second video shows the situation in which most of the students are working. They are being given numerous sources of various activities in such a way that they are practically running behind almost everything. For learning a subject like Mathematics, a student has to study in his school class, do lots of classwork/ homework, may have to take extra classes/ tuition, join some coaching center, mock tests, Olympiad, online classes and so on. They have been put in such an environment where they feel the need to study Mathematics in certain way to get good marks in school examination, need to study in different way to do good in some Olympiad and in some other way to succeed in competitive examinations etc. They are being run here and there, collect whatever they can, confused about their needs and, in the process, they are stressed, conceptually weak and have to put lots of unnecessary effort. 

Any topic of Mathematics has to be understood well. Whether it be for getting good marks in school examination or preparing for some entrance examination or for any other career option. Concepts are to be understood well, practiced in few applications and such capabilities should be built that one can think about few variations on his own. Basics need to be clear. At any stage, if understanding becomes difficult, it is helpful to go back and work on the basics. It is ok if some topics appear difficult to conceptualize and one is not able to become good at. There is no need to get exploited on that.