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Tips to Stop Procrastination

 Procrastination is something all of us do. If we feel that we should do a task now but keep delaying it citing one reason or other, we are actually procrastinating. This habit builds unnecessary pressure and badly affect productivity. Most of the people who have the habit of procrastination want to stop it, but they find this habit difficult to change. Following two steps can be of immense help in stopping procrastination.

1. Don't get into self criticism for procrastination or feel bad about yourself due to this habit. This will put you into negativity and make it more difficult to use your time productively. This adds to procrastination and makes the matter worse. So, take a break and feel good about yourself.

2. Do a pomodoro. It is a technique used for time management. A pomodoro time is of about 25 minutes. Don't think about the complete task that you tend to procrastinate. Just devote 25 minutes of your time for that work. That's all. If you feel 25 minutes in one go is too big, let it be 20 minutes or 15 minutes or whatever you can do in one go. If you think about an important work that is likely to take your few hours and you don't find that work interesting enough, you may procrastinate. Do small piece at a time. You can try doing a pomodoro during different time of your day or night as per your convenience and note your productivity. You will be happy to know that your productivity is quite high during some part of the day. Use that. 

You can make any task highly interesting by gamifying the process. Quantify your pomodoro, productivity, level of concentration during work etc. in whatever way you feel like and enjoy the game. You will also enjoy the progress made in the work.

So, get going.