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Be Connected with Your Roots (Back to Basics) - Life Lessons from My Parents Applied in School Mathematics

  Be Connected with Your Roots -- Back to Basics My parents used to take us to our village (ancestors house) and nearby quite often. The lesson was to be connected with the roots. Being with our own people there, listening to them, understanding their way of living, embracing their way of caring etc. used to create so many valuable memories that I still consider those experiences on the top of the list of valuable experiences. These memories provide new energy, new way of looking at various situations and help in understanding the nuances of various challenges in life better. This doesn't mean that one should leave his present projects of life and go back to the roots. But, going back to the roots (physically or mentally) provides such understandings that helps in handling present challenges better. We take few examples from Cricket and Mathematics to substantiate it. Here, being connected with roots translates to going back to the basics.     The same applies everywhere. I remembe

Be in Good Company - Life Lessons from My Parents Applied in School Mathematics

  Be in Good Company This article is based on some of the advises given by my father during my school days. The motivation to write this came while seeing a 50 years old photo captured in his camera. Due to privacy reason, I have modified that photo using AI and shared it here. Happy faces in that photo seem to be in good company and enjoying their moments. It can be felt that the kind of positive energy it generates can make challenging tasks look easy.     When it comes to study, being in good company doesn't mean about school, teachers and friends only, but it also includes books, other learning resources and the questions that one practices. You may not have much choices while selecting school, teachers or friends but selection of books, other learning resources and questions for practice are completely in your control. A good company makes study enjoying, helps in setting and achieving right goals, facilitates deep and long lasting learning and leads to a satisfying life.    A

Life Lesson from My Parents Applied in School Mathematics -- Try to Cover Some Extra Miles

  Try to Cover Some Extra Miles. This photo is of my mother leading us to the top of Brahmagiri mountain when she was around 70 years old. We had been to Trambakeshwar  to visit the Lord Shiva temple, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. We did all the expected things like darshan-puja in the temple, taking bath in Kushavart, trekking  to the Ganga Dwar etc. Our visit to Trambakeshwar  could have been considered complete.  But  we came to know that the originating point of Godavari River  is on the top of other side of Brahmagiri mountain. People normally visit Ganga Dwar as originating point of Godavari River  which is on the city side of Brahmagiri mountain. Trekking  to the top of the mountain and going on the other side to visit the actual originating point is tough, so visiting city side Ganga Dwar is considered to be equivalent to visiting the origin of Godavari River . My mother decided to do that extra mile and visit the other side of the mountain.  It was physically too ti